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3 Ways in Which CD Keys Are Helping Game Developers and Publishers to Fight Piracy

Peer-to-Peer networks and various other internet portals have been infamous for contributing towards piracy of video games. Developers and publishers spend a lot of time and money for coming up with the latest games. Years of research, innovation, creativity and efforts are required to build a game that appeals to the fans. The investment is usually in the order of millions of dollars. The least that the developers expect is their fair share in the revenue earned by the games.

But piracy seems to disrupt all of that. Developers have had to simply watch their hard work go to waste as people made illegal copies of the games and sold it with unauthorized keys that were pretty easy to replicate by anyone who had the right tools and just the right amount of technical understanding.

And just when things were getting worse, the games were given CD keys that were not only platform specific, but also specific for each copy of the game. Now this made it absolutely difficult for the games to be subjected to piracy. And with the developments in internet technologies, these keys are now not only used for accessing the game, but they are also used for downloading the games for consoles and desktop platforms that have cloud services. Check out the following benefits of CD keys which are in fact helping game developers to fight piracy.

CD Keys are Specific to Every Copy of the Game

Game publishers / developers are making use of advanced keys that are not only very specific to each copy of the game but they are also aligned to the specific platform that is compatible with the game. Moreover, with the games now being offered on cloud services, you need to get genuine serial codes for downloading the game. This has eliminated the possibility of piracy significantly.

Keys Once Activated Can Never Be Used Again

The one-time use feature was available for previous games also, but the possibility of using it as a base for regenerating matching keys or almost compatible keys was pretty much existent. There were also a chance that a particular serial code might work for another copy of the game. Such chances were not that frequent, but it could have worked by sheer luck. Now, CD key providers have implemented stringent quality checks, where every single key that they obtain from the publisher is verified for authenticity before it is dispatched. If someone does try to sell it off after use, then the key would be of no use. With the rising awareness about legal serial codes, customers are less susceptible to such threats as they would prefer to buy from a genuine source rather than seek out such keys from the internet.

Various Additional Perks are Provided Along with CD Keys

By providing value added perks such as discounted Downloadable Contents, season passes and assistance in queries, CD key providers are encouraging people to support authentic serial codes. Such benefits can never be provided to those who have simply ripped the keys from some forum or portal on the net.


Gaming is fun and attracts the attention of a lot of people, but it can be made even more fun if you get the real thing with all the perks and benefits. It may appear rather insignificant, but if you consider the perspective of the game developers, then the codes have the potential of having a major positive impact on the revenue that they earn from the sales. This is a great step towards fighting piracy and giving gamers the experience that they deserve.

Need For Speed – Rivals

We are here talking about a franchise that has been around for more than 2 decades; and within these 2 decades, it has witnessed development at a light year’s speed. Back in 1994, Need for Speed surprised computer users with one of the first racing arcade. Since then, the game has seen rapid developments and improvements, enabling its latest edition, Need for Speed Rivals, to be nothing less of a surprise.

Supported by two leading developers – Ghost Games and Criterion, the NFS franchise took many elements from its previous titles, mixed in a few new features and thereby produced a Gen X styled game play.

Not for the first time, the game offers dual career modes – one as a racer, and the other as a cop, each creating a distinct gaming experience. With swapping career modes having become as simple as triggering a button from the safe house, players can progress through the dual career modes, unlocking one level at a time.

What differs in this edition is the method of earning an income. While racers earn Speed-Points by jumping, drifting, near misses, etc., cops pocket the Speed-Points which were accumulated by the racers by busting them. The game play is intense and hence, it is suggested to complete the tutorial from both sides before giving your skills a try.

Completing objectives provide new cars. For completing an objective, a player must complete a set of challenges, known as the “Speed-List”, allowing them to purchase cars and goodies which are unlocked. With the government funding Cop Equipment, cop cars are available for usage as they are unlocked, however the racers, as usual, have to earn additional Speed-Points to be able to purchase the unlocked cars.

Earlier editions of the NFS franchise could be classified as Racing Arcades; however, the NFS Rivals breaks all previous records. Realistic designs and near to life detailing makes it safe to classify this one as a simulation as well. Developed to imitate the real life rules of physics and other sciences, all cars; be it a Bugatti, an Aston Martin, or even the now-returned Ferrari, give the players a life-like driving experience.

However it must be noticed that though in real life, the chances of a BMW M3 STS out running a Buggati Veyron cruiser are dependent on the driver’s luck and experience, in the game, they are dependent on the type of “Pursuit-Tech” equipped by the speed monsters. A variety of these “Techs” are available to the players, ranging from EMPs to Shock Rams to Spike Strips to even calling out a helicopter to help take down a racer.

These “Weapons” however, are not free of cost. They must be purchased prior to equipping by spending the Speed-Points which one has accumulated. The “Speed-Points” are harder for racers to accumulate as in the event of them getting wrecked or busted, all these points will be taken back by the Red Wood County Police.

Online Games: The Good And Bad Side Of Its Increasing Popularity

One of the most notable breakthroughs in technology in this 21st century has been the use of the internet, with it becoming one of the most basic tools of communication. As such, international game providers have developed softwares through which users can engage in gaming online. These are accessed by users with high-speed internet connection. The users are also required to have a gaming console or computer connected to the internet. These games have become a popular concept, especially with the latest introduction of 3D technology. This intervention has made the games more exciting and interesting for the user.

Reasons for the increasing popularity of online games

The popularity of playing online games increases with each passing day, which can be attributed to a number of reasons. One, with the wider scope of the worldwide web, users can now find opponents of similar skills and expertise in a game at the click of a button. This enables like minded people with the similar interest to connect around the world. Most games also give the option of multiplayer games, which may involve tens of players competing in one game on a virtual platform. This has made online gaming even more exciting for the users.

In other cases, users are also able to exchange ideas with other users during special chat sessions by the use of a special headset. The nature and type of games varies, so users have a variety to choose from according to their interests.

The introduction of the free games has expanded its user base. Many users who were before deterred from playing online due to the high charges are now able to access the gaming software and play free online games. This introduction has enabled many youths to spend their free time gaming, thus deterring them from vices such as drugs.

The downside of online games

The engaging nature of these games is addictive to most youths, particularly teenagers. Most of the time, many players devote themselves to these games at the expense of their schoolwork. This has been detrimental to their success in education and other activities such as sports.

There have also been complaints that as people spend most of their time playing, they neglect their social life and loose attachment to their families. This can also cause fights in families since the gamers tend to get selfish with the family appliances to play the games.

In addition, there is the risk of proliferation of internet fraud whereby fraudulent people use the information provided by users to defraud them of money. However, the advantages of online gaming outweigh the disadvantages if one has self-control and acts responsibly.

Great Sandbox Projects: Create a Minecraft Cruise Ship

For those of us who can’t get enough creative projects in Minecraft, building a luxury cruise liner can be an awesome way to spend time – either by modeling real life ships or getting creative on your own- without resorting to the same old projects. These massive and intricate builds can use over a million blocks per project, incorporating hundreds or even thousands of individual rooms, and if you are looking for a long-term build that will be able to satisfy your creative cravings for a long while, this is certainly the project for you.

Plot It Out

When you begin the process of building your Minecraft cruise ship, blueprints are essential to your success. Cruise ships need to be highly symmetrical and well-plotted to look good, and it is much easier to check your work if you build out a bare-bones skeleton of your project before you start obscuring areas with building materials. Colored wool, or other out-of-place blocks, can be great for counting out dimensions and preparing your area.

Adventure Maps and Sharing

Once your build is complete, sending out the finished file as a downloadable map is the perfect way to show off your work and gain name recognition. You can either send out your map as-is, or modify it into an adventure map so that players can explore your creation while living out a story that you dream up and bring to life. From murder mysteries and horror to dating sims and comedy maps, there are hundreds of ways you could turn your Minecraft cruise liner into its own game within the game. For this, making use of command blocks and map clones may be necessary to move the player around to your will.

Mods, Textures, and Shaders

If you aren’t planning on sharing your file with the world, but do want to share images and videos of your cruise ship build with the community, modding your game can provide you with a more finished look than vanilla Minecraft can provide on its own.

There are mods for every aspect of Minecraft imaginable. You can find decorative blocks in all colors and textures, and make use of triangular or partial blocks as well as other out-of-the-ordinary additions such as furniture and flags. For beginners, finding a basic mod pack that you like will help you avoid mod conflicts and bugs, while more advanced or code-savvy users can create their own custom combinations to achieve the best look for their ship.

Adding in custom shaders and textures can also help to create a more visually striking image that will make your build truly come to life. You can find texture packs that make use of high-definition textures and seamless transitions, allowing you to create windows and large expanses of blocks that don’t look overly-tiled or repetitive, while shaders featuring realistic water and sky effects will make it look like your cruise ship is floating at sea in the real world.

Introduction to Gaming Computers

Do you know what a gaming computer is? It is a personal computer that has been created in order to process high amounts of data which are requested when playing multiplayer online games (role-playing) or online shooter games.

Since lots of computer games have become more and more complex, the graphics that are included here need more memory in order to be processed faster. All computers have a card with high-end graphics and with a fast central processing unit that is available commercially. When the processing unit and graphics card are fast, the time between the input of the gamer and the time of action that is put upon the weapon or the character is reduced. As you probably know, even a second can make the difference between losing or winning a game of this type.

Usually, gaming computers include a bigger RAM than what one might need for simple home apps. If a computer has a big RAM, then the CPU can access the information which is held in storage more frequently. This is a vital element for those who want to have a great gaming experience. This sort of computer is equipped with lots of USB ports, where the user can attach peripheral elements (steering wheels, aircraft yokes, game controllers, joysticks, etc.). The ports are placed on the front part of the computer in order to allow the peripheral elements to have faster access.

Clear audio and video are extremely important when it comes to gaming, and the computers built for this are normally excellent in terms of sound cards or graphics. Lately, technology has evolved impressively, and gaming graphics have started to look more alive than ever. Not to mention that the imaging system needs to have state-of-the art cards that can offer the graphics that one might need in this competitive world. It doesn’t matter if we are talking about stationary units or portable laptops. A computer that is utilized for gaming must have a better quality of the monitor screen and excellent stereo speakers.

The peripheral devices are highly specialized and they include input devices which are taken for granted most of the times. An example in this case is the keyboard. Lots of gamers would rather play their games in rooms that are low lighted or even without any light at all. This fact lead to the development of the back-lit gaming keyboard.

This is a keyboard that is projected especially for gaming and which has a certain type of keys that are meant to consolidate the commands that normally go into keystrokes. The keyboard emits a sort of blue light that is meant to highlight the keys when it’s dark. This was created for those who want to experience an effective gaming process and develop better reflexes.