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Tips For Playing Pyramid Solitaire

Out of all the card games in the world, there can’t possibly be any that come close to the popularity of solitaire. It has been played by computer users for decades and its popularity is still huge. Pyramid solitaire is however one of the more challenging versions of the game.

The goal of all versions of solitaire has one goal in common: remove everything from the table. The way in which this is achieved differs from one variety to another. Most are however based on making pairs of similar cards or putting together a numerical sequence of cards. Things get a lot more interesting with pyramid solitaire as maths is also thrown into the equation.

Although the concept of the game is fairly easy to grasp, you can very easily paint yourself into a corner and your progress can grind to a halt. Before we get onto the tips, let’s quickly look at how the game is played.

As mentioned before the goal for pyramid solitaire is the same as any type of solitaire in that you should try and remove all of the cards. In a game of pyramid solitaire the cards are stacked in a pyramid formation. Depending on the variety of the game you are playing the pyramid can be larger or smaller. When playing online (which is the easiest way to enjoy the game) the rest of the cards would be stacked face down. A single card is turned face up next to it.

To remove cards you need to make combinations of 13. This needs to happen by pairing cards together that total 13. The only exception is the King, which is already worth 13. The rest of the cards carry the following values:

– Queen = 12
– Jack = 11
– Ace = 1
– The rest of the cards are equal to the number shown on them

As you make combinations of 13, the cards would be removed. If however you can’t remove cards directly from the pyramid, you would be able to do so by taking cards from the stack at the bottom and trying to combine them with the cards in the pyramid.

As you read through that you would have probably thought that it sounds fairly easy. In all honesty it is quite easy, but only up to a point. Improving your scores and also improving your chances of winning depend on these two easy tips:

1. Always play at speed: The game is run on time bonuses. The faster you remove the cards, the bigger the time bonus. If you however run out of options, you would be given the time towards the end to stop the game. You will then earn the points up to that stage, as well as the time bonus.

2. Think a few steps ahead: The idea here is to give yourself more options. When faced with two cards of the same value you can remove, you should try to avoid removing a card that only covers a single card. If you rather remove a card covering two cards, both of the cards will be turned face up, giving you more options.

By putting in some practice based solely on these two easy tips, you will be a pyramid solitaire pro in no time.

Video Games and Swearing

Parents worry about their children hearing swear words due to the way it may affect them. Children are increasingly exposed to aggressive situations due to the proliferation of various types of media, while video games are available on more platforms. Video games in particular provide opportunities for violent confrontations. Many video games contain swear words that can be absorbed into a young psyche. The fear of the effect it can have on the behavior of a young person can be unsettling for parents. Verbal aggression is associated with fighting, but the extent of its influence is not known. Behavioral changes as a result of such languages are unwanted.

Parents don’t know how to prevent behavioral problems in their kids when they accidentally hear swearing. Although rude words accompany violence, they may not necessarily provoke others to respond with brutality. Swearing as such is considered to be an expression of frustration that may also lead to the elevation of stress levels. It has both cathartic effect through tension release, but also various elements of retaliation as well as insult. Even though swearing is associated with cruelty, it rarely leads to violence, as the expression of anger can unburden an individual. According to the research, rude words can elevate blood pressure, and many entertainers find them handy.

Swearing that is used to assault others or intimidate is part of offensive outbursts. Children initially replicate certain phrases thoughtlessly mostly due to the reaction they cause. They try them for the effect they may have without realizing any consequences.

It may not be enough to monitor whether your kids have access to games. It is always prudent to find out if the game is appropriate, as some are made for adults rather than children. It is not possible to prevent children from watching violent video games with their friends, but it is essential to communicate the effect of their experiences of such games. They can even be exposed to swear words they can learn even from their friends. Some games have controls monitoring violence and swear words. It may be beneficial to provide guidance when children learn offensive language for the first time.

Video games tend to have an increasingly violent content with sexually explicit scenes. They are often appealing due to challenges players want to meet, while creators aspire to create a dramatic effect for their viewers. Video games, just like films, follow trends. They conform to what is acceptable at a time. In the same way, the effect they have differs, and not all personalities will change after being exposed to violence in such games.

Murdered: Soul Suspect PC Game Review

Murdered: Soul Suspect is an adventure game (Yes, that genre which you’ve nearly forgotten!), and it really does come close to what the real fans of the genre would enjoy. Naturally, it can hardly be compared to Syberia or The Longest Journey, but playing this one can bring you a couple of hours’ worth of fun… if you’re not too picky.

In this game, you play police inspector Ronan O’Connor, who’s… well – dead.

The plot and the main idea are cool. Generally speaking, paying a ghost that can make things happen in the real, the physical world is awesome. Especially in an adventure game. The other unique thing is that – Hello! – you have no zombie-like, Resident Evil-like, war-like etc. events happening to you. Whatever enemy you meet and have to “fight”, is actually not there to kill you! Yes, (SPOILER) you can just run away from them… All NPCs are somewhat low on carb obviously, as they do cover a really small space. Even if you defeat a demon in the same room where another one of them is, the second guy won’t pay you any attention.

The romantic drama – you have a wife named Julia, who’s been the reason for your changing lives. Hence, her death causes you to feel quite blue and go into action with much less brains and a lot of aggression. This is also, I guess, the main reason for us (playing as him) to go to the first scene where we end-up dead.

My opinion? I like this as much as I can; I mean… many of us need to have something tragic happening in a person’s life, just so we can feel them close. I find romance useless for me, but for a game with the scopes and goals set by the producers, it’s obvious that this kind of thing must be there. What I liked (see second sentence in this paragraph) is that they didn’t make her pregnant or turn him into a whining fatherly figure.

The real drama: Salem is a huge nest for witches and well, being a tough guy there can’t possibly keep you safe from the witchcraft, the witch hunts and everything else that happened there in the past. You’re even a more suitable victim for an influential enemy to get than a simple girl would be.

Twists and plot lines are finely incorporated in this game and it’s easy to like it. The only thing you need to know when purchasing this game is that – it’s an old-school adventure game with a whodunnit feel and a lot of cool, laid-back thinking time and exploration zones. This is no Far Cry, no Uncharted, no Resident Evil. It’s also not Aura or Myst, though.

The gameplay on the other hand is really basic and I love it! With the only exceptions being the demons you need to eradicate, it’s all a simple first-person point-and-click adventure but in a 3D world. You have hardly any reason to fret and make mistakes. The only gameplay related issues, though, is the lack of real puzzles. Seems like it was either too expensive (more them making a 3D version of a sheriff-like police inspector in his full attire, cigarette and smoke included… as a ghost) or too hard for the team at Airtight, but..yes – a real adventure game needs a puzzle or two (at least) before getting action-feeling features.

Just so you know…

A quite famous gaming website’s review of the game says: “The only way to dispose of Murdered’s genuinely frightening soul-sucking demons is to get immediately behind them, and the only way to get immediately behind them is to hide in the residue of individual ghost souls, which are tightly packed together and therefore create a sort of teleportation system for Ronan. ”

Here’s the quote source (I wouldn’t advise you to click this, but being ethical asks I link to the source).

Well, this is quite wrong. For one reason, as I spoilt already, you can run away from them. For another reason – you can hide in walls. If you don’t come in their range of visibility when they’re turning, you can just come out of the wall and “exorcise” them from this world.

One thing you must know, though: Once the ritual was not performed right, these creeps will follow you though walls and stairs until you go outside of their range.

Game profile

Rated: PG-16

My rating: I don’t do such things.

Available also on: PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and Windows (what I played)

Publishers: Square Enix

Developed by: Airtight Games

Dinosaurs: Where Imagination Meets Science

Given the massive size and the varying, strange shapes of dinosaurs that lived on our planet between two hundred to sixty-five million years ago. It isn’t any wonder that these amazing creatures captivate children and adults alike. Perhaps it is their alien like appearance that holds such power over our imagination as we wonder just what it would be like to witness these monsters prowling across the prairies and grasslands of ancient continents so long ago.

This fascination with all things dinosaur has spilled over into popular culture. With movies and television shows featuring the enormous beasts. So one would certainly expect there has also been a fair share of dinosaur games for those who simply cannot get enough of these creatures.

In fact, there have been dozens of dinosaur games produced by the video game industry over the last few decades. However, the most popular series of all time to feature these animals is the Dino Crisis franchise. Dino Crisis is a survival video game that was released in 1999 on the PlayStation 1 console. In the game, gamers play as a member of a special forces unit sent to a military installation in order to investigate the appearance of carnivorous dinosaurs transported to the modern era via a time travel experiment gone wrong. The game was so popular that it was followed up by two sequels.

The first person shooter franchise Turok is also a series of popular dinosaur games, starting with the 1997 release on the N64 console. In the games, Turok is a time-traveling Native American warrior who is sent to an alternate universe where he must successfully fight dinosaurs, aliens, and other creatures in order to save humanity. The game was a critical and commercial success. There have been six other releases in the franchise including 2008’s re-boot for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles.

Of course, for gamers both young and old there is perhaps no dinosaur more beloved than Nintendo’s Yoshi, who has been a featured character in numerous video games over the years including Yoshi’s Island and Yoshi’s Safari. He was first introduced in 1990’s Super Mario World, which was released on the SNES, and quickly became one of Nintendo’s most popular characters.

Adult gamers who are serious dinosaur enthusiasts typically demand games that have a little more action than the average Yoshi release. Fortunately, the industry is more than happy to provide such titles on a regular basis, including recent releases such as Jurassic: The Hunted, Dino Strike, and Battle of Giants: Dinosaur Strike, all of which have been released on popular consoles like the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and the Wii. There is little doubt that more dinosaur games will be released in the years to come. These monsters of history continue to fascinate us as scientists discover more about how they lived, thrived and eventually died tens of millions of years ago.

The Best Gear Outside of Normal Raids

For all of you unable to run a normal raid and unsure what to spend Warforged Seals on, here’s a list of what your top priorities should be. Take a look at your gear and see what pieces need replacing.

-Head – Tier helmet is dropped off of Thok the Bloodthirsty, in The Underhold. Run The Underhold on LFR until you are ready to run it on flex.

-Necklace – Look into flex drops or use a Burden of Eternity from the Timeless Isle until you get a flex drop.

-Shoulders – Tier shoulders are dropped off of Paragons of the Klaxxi, in Downfall. Run Downfall on LFR to get the shoulders and then run it on flex when you have the gear and party to do so.

-Chest – The Tier chest-piece is the most accessible to you since it drops off of the Sha of Pride, in the Vale of Eternal Sorrow, therefore, you should probably shoot for the flex version of this piece first, and try for the LFR version as a fall-back.

-Bracers – Look into flex drops or use a Burden of Eternity from the Timeless Isle until you get a flex drop.

-Gloves – Tier gloves are dropped off of the Celestials on the Timeless Isle.

-Belt – The best belts, outside of Ordos, can be made by either a Blacksmith, Leatherworker, or Tailor. So, try to negotiate a price with someone who has these professions or check the Auction House if you don’t know any.

-Pants – Tier pants are dropped off of the Celestials on the Timeless Isle.

-Boots – Look into flex drops or use a Burden of Eternity from the Timeless Isle.

-Rings – Look into flex drops or use a Burden of Eternity from the Timeless Isle.

-Trinkets – Flex drops are optimal, but if you find yourself in need of a decent trinket, you can buy one for 50,000 Timeless Coins on the Timeless Isle.

-Weapon(s) – Flex weapons are the premier weapons you can get outside of normal raids. However, LFR weapons can be nice temporary substitutes and if you’re really desperate, you can buy a weapon off the Timeless Isle for Timeless Coins. They cost 10,000 coins for a one-hander and 20,000 for a two-hander.

-Shields – Like weapons, the priority is flex, then LFR, and, finally, there is one available for 10,000 Timeless Coins.

This list does not include Ordos drops, so if you have the legendary cloak, you can find better pieces for your helmet, necklace, shoulder, chest, bracers, and belt. There are also good pants that drop off of Ordos, but I would still recommend the Celestials pant instead.